Associated Antique och Art Dealers

Associated Antique and Art Dealers of Sweden is an organization of established dealers across the country. The purpose of the association is to enhance the support to- and knowledge of the serious antique and art dealers in Sweden.

The association cooperates with the major organizers of antique and art fair in the country. We also support our member companies by a number of marketing activities and we give professional support in legal-, insurance- and tax issues.

A dealer is approved as a member by the association on the basis of quality, knowledge in her/his specialized field of business and of a good business ethics but also, importantly, on open declaration of origin of items on sale and information on any restoration or repair made.

As a customer you can feel save buying an antique of work of art from an associated dealer. If a rare case of uncertainty may occur concerning the purchased item, you can contact the association for an independent assessment.

You are welcome to contact the associated dealer by clicking on "Medlemmar" (member companies) above. If you feel that the links given do not give you enough information in your search for an antique or a wort of art, you are most welcome to contact the chariman of the organisation, Mr Bjorn Litzén, phone +46 70 510 07 63 for further direction to one of our specialized dealers.

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